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2017: Fransico Sousa, wrongfully accused, received settlement

Gary Warth with the San Diego Union Tribune reports the settlement between San Diego State University and Francisco Sousa.

….. Francisco Sousa was a 20-year-old foreign exchange student from Portugal when he was arrested by SDSU police Dec. 9, 2014, and charged with sexually assaulting and imprisoning a woman near campus. ….

Sousa denied the accusations and the charges were dropped in January 2015, but the school would not lift the suspension. He sued SDSU that April to demand information about the accusation against him, ….

The school lifted the suspension against him that September, and Sousa later sued for monetary damages and to seek an apology from SDSU for sending a campus-wide e-mail announcing his arrest.

Besides the monetary award, the settlement changes the record of his arrest to a police detention, and the school has agreed to additional training for employees who investigate sexual assault claims.

Specifically, the settlement states three employees would be sent to a Civil Rights Investigator Training and Certification course or a similar training program.

Another settlement agreement refers to the Clery Act, a federal law that relates to crime reporting, security and the prevention of and response to sexual assaults at publicly funded colleges and universities. The settlement will result in the school’s Clery director and campus police participating in a webinar about “timely warning notices and immediate notifications.” …..

“My main objective was to vindicate my name.” …

Sousa had worried that the arrest and suspension would prevent him from getting a job, which was one of the reasons why he continued to fight the school to clear his name.

Lombardo said he had asked campus police to change Sousa’s arrest record to a detention, which iscommon after charges are dropped, but they refused. …..

The entire article can be read at San Diego Union Tribune



USA: Are People to People really part of President Eisenhower’s effort?

NO!!!!! They are not!!!!!

People to People on the I-net

Projects inspired by the ended People to People program


In 1960 Mr. Samuel Montague informs the president that he (Mr. Montague) is organizing a Greater Kansas City People to People Council with financial backing from Mr. Joyce C. Hall.

1961: Greater Kansas City People to People Council, Incorporated Missouri, co.no: N00002979, active (non-profit)

In 1961 Joyce Hall establishes People to People International (charter no: N00003473). She had previously founded Hallmark Cards Inc. The head office for People to People International was placed in Kansas City, Missouri. Joyce Hall had been one of the people at the conference held by Eisenhower in 1956. His responsibility was to organize a committee of one hundred or more American leaders who would be the governing group of the People to People Council. Mr. Hall also provides the seed money for the Council and ends up being its CEO.

  •  1961: People-to-People, Incorporated Missouri, charter no: N00003473, active, (non-profit). These are GKC People to People.
  • 1961: People to People International, Incorporated Missouri, co.no: N00003473 – (non-profit)
  • 1969: People to People Foundation, Incorporated California, co.no: C0568797, suspended
  • We then have a lot of People to People companies that are registered and suspended in Missouri.
  • 1996: People to People International, Incorporated New York, co.no: 2093070, (non-profit)
  • –   There are several People to People non-profits that were started in the late 1960’s. The 1996 New York company is the only non-profit I find that is still active. It cites its head-office as being in Missouri. I think they are referring to the 1961 company.


  • 1964: Ambassadors International, Incorporated Florida, co.no: 707911, Inactive (non-profit). As you see they start off as a non-profit. Then the name is claimed in 1995.



Legal cases

2010: KS et al v. Ambassador Progams Inc et al

2008: Gutierrez v. People to People International et al

2007: Wellner et al v. People to People International