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USA: Are People to People really part of President Eisenhower’s effort?

NO!!!!! They are not!!!!!

People to People on the I-net

Projects inspired by the ended People to People program


In 1960 Mr. Samuel Montague informs the president that he (Mr. Montague) is organizing a Greater Kansas City People to People Council with financial backing from Mr. Joyce C. Hall.

1961: Greater Kansas City People to People Council, Incorporated Missouri, N00002979, active (non-profit)

In 1961 Joyce Hall establishes People to People International (charter no: N00003473). She had previously founded Hallmark Cards Inc. The head office for People to People International was placed in Kansas City, Missouri. Joyce Hall had been one of the people at the conference held by Eisenhower in 1956. His responsibility was to organize a committee of one hundred or more American leaders who would be the governing group of the People to People Council. Mr. Hall also provides the seed money for the Council and ends up being its CEO.

  •  1961: People-to-People, Incorporated Missouri, charter no: N00003473, active, (non-profit). These are GKC People to People.
  • 1961: People to People International, Incorporated Missouri, N00003473 – (non-profit)
  • 1969: People to People Foundation, Incorporated California, C0568797, suspended
  • We then have a lot of People to People companies that are registered and suspended in Missouri.
  • 1996: People to People International, Incorporated New York, 2093070, (non-profit)
  • –   There are several People to People non-profits that were started in the late 1960’s. The 1996 New York company is the only non-profit I find that is still active. It cites its head-office as being in Missouri. I think they are referring to the 1961 company.


  • 1964: Ambassadors International, Incorporated Florida, 707911, Inactive (non-profit). As you see they start off as a non-profit. Then the name is claimed in 1995.



Legal cases

2010: KS et al v. Ambassador Progams Inc et al

2008: Gutierrez v. People to People International et al

2007: Wellner et al v. People to People International


People to People Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

01/29/2008 | ConsumerAffairs |  People to People News

By Lisa Wade McCormick

Tyler Hill (Family photo)

Sheryl Hill hugged her 16-year-old son a little tighter — and a littler longer than usual — shortly before he boarded a plane last summer and took off on his much anticipated People to People Student Ambassador trip to Japan.

The Mound, Minnesota, woman took a mental picture of their last moments together at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport recalling every detail of the excitement in her son’s big brown eyes, his brilliant smile, and even the burgundy polo shirt and khaki pants he wore on that June 16, 2007, day.

Sheryl and her husband had worried about sending their son, Tyler — who had Type 1 diabetes and complex migraine headaches — on this People to People excursion.

But the travel organization that touts its ties to President Dwight D. Eisenhower convinced her that it had a solid safety record and a 24-hour response team that could handle any medical emergency.

That promise sealed the deal. It’s the reason Sheryl and Allen Hill let Tyler join his friends on the trip overseas.

Now that promise is at the heart of a wrongful death suit filed on Monday in Minnesota’s Hennepin County District Court.

The lawsuit alleges the organization and its delegation leaders refused to get Tyler the medical attention he requested and that his June 29, 2007, death in Tokyo is the result of their negligence.

But thirteen days before this tragedy — as Tyler and his friends said goodbye to their families in the states — Sheryl’s thoughts focused on how much this journey meant to her son.

“This was the most excited we’d ever seen him,” she says of Tyler, a history buff who was born on the anniversary of D-Day. “He dreamed of going to Japan.”

During their bittersweet farewell at the airport, Sheryl says Tyler — who had “dominated” his diabetes since its onset at age five — assured her that he’d be fine.

“He told me not to worry. Then he picked me up, did a backwards dip with me, and said ‘I love you momI’m going to make your proud of me.’


Are P2P part of President Eisenhower’s programs?