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2013 Apr 06: Norton guilty of sexual harrassment

Extracts of an article by Greg Bolt | Appeared in print: Saturday, April 6, 2013, page B1

“… Ronald Valatt Norton, 52, was placed on court probation for two years, ordered to pay $412 in restitution and was ordered to undergo counseling. … Norton and his wife were hosting the female exchange student, who was attending high school here through a program sponsored by Rotary International. But in October the girl received word that her grandfather had died, and she became extremely distraught. … The couple tried to console her and the girl eventually fell asleep in the couple’s bed with them, Hasselman said. That night, he said, Norton touched the girl improperly and she fled to her own room. … After contacting her parents via the Internet, the girl reported the incident to Rotary officials and was immediately removed from the home. She is now with a new host family and continuing her program, a Rotary official said. … Norton originally was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, but he agreed to plead guilty to the lesser harassment charge to avoid a trial.”

The entire article may be found at the Register Guard