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ISE: Shipped student home to stop complaints

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By mahwatthai | 2008 September 15

The core of the problems is irresponsibility and profiterring. In most the problem cases, the area rep and the sponsor simply ship the student home in order to shut them up against complaining. There was a case involving a Thai student which just concluded in court in San Diego last year with the sponsoring company being order to pay our a rather high level of damages of about half a million dollars.

I do encourage all problem case parents to collect evidence and bring the sponsoring organizers both in the US and in the home country to court. That is one of the better way of reducing the abuses on the foreign youngers’ fascination about going to school in USA.

Myself have had a very gravely disappointed experience with International Student Exchange Corporation, headquartered in New York operated through a network call SMG (Student Management Group) and INTO (Into-Edventure). the details of which already is available at:  http://groups.msn.com/HowSMGFailedtheStudentExchangeProgram

Some of the earlier blogger would remember, my daughter was shipped back after only 3 months of a 12 month program because she complainedf about the noisy and quarrelsome host family. The host family of course retaliate by charging her $5-700 in telephone fees and accused her of being unsociable illed adjusted, etc. Well, now 3 years since, she is enjoying a lot of good friends back in USA with a scholarship from one of the top 5 universities. She just attended USC football game with a bunch of American friends yesterday.

By the way the name of the sponsoring company in my case was the International Student Exchange Corp of New York. They organ in Thailand had shut down the website, apparently opened under a new name since our case.

In 2009 DM Discoveries (DMD), IntoEdVentures (INTO), and ASA International merged with ISE.

Student Management Group (established 2003) manages these four exchange companies.