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2009 Oct 21: USA: Former Councilman Gets Probation

Tony Licata who was arrested for “pinning down and fondling a foreign exchange student living at his home”  (unlawful restraint) was sentenced (see article below). The article on WFAA.com has been removed.


Licata Plea Bargains for sentence of 24 months probation and a $386 fine.

October 21, 2009 Colleyville, Texas

Tony Licata former Place 2 Colleyville City Councilman was sentenced yesterday to 24 months probation for unlawfully restraining a teenage foreign ex-change student at his home last year.  Licata was instructed to continue private counseling.  If Licata completes his probation term his conviction will be set aside.

The original arrests warrants the victim’s therapist had first reported the incident to police.  The student was 17 when the incident took place at the Licata home.

The official rendition of the event had Licata having brief contact with the victim in the bedroom when Licata threw her on the bed after “hugging her and fondling her breast.”

He kissed here on the neck and shoulders then apologized for his actions and let the girl leave.

The DA’s office arranged for the victim to call Licata’s cell telephone while being recorded. On the call Licata said he had been instructed not to call her but he was concerned about her welfare and would visit with his wife to determine how best to look after the girl.

Reportedly the foreign exchange officials responsible for the program notified the U.S. State Department and Licata was removed as a volunteer and barred from hosting future students.

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