2001 Jan 13: Gault convicted of sexual abuse

Robert Gault was sentenced for sexually abusing a foreign exchange student in what was clearly a repeat action. Another former exchange student also told her story of sexual abuse. Has this happened to even more of the 12 exchange students who had lived with Robert Gault’s family? Support for the perpetrator is common in sexual abuse cases.

The Chicago Tribune

By Art Barnum | 2001 January 13

A former Wayne village trustee convicted of sexually abusing a foreign exchange student was sentenced … after a second student testified that she also had been abused by the official.

Robert Gault, 58, also received 36 months’ probation … the 17-year-old girl testified that when she sat at a family computer, Gault sat behind her and inappropriately touched and rubbed her.

Gault … claimed they were “innocent accidental brushes.” … DuPage prosecutors questioned a Finnish foreign exchange student who had stayed at the Gault home about five years ago. …

She testified that one evening while she was watching television, Gault sat next to her, rubbed her back and started kissing her neck and placed his hand under her bra. … Gault’s defense attorney, placed six of Gault’s friends on the witness stand to testify to his “good character,” … about 40 letters of support for Gault from neighbors and friends were given to Judge George Bakalis.

Read the entire article at Chicago Tribune



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